Let's be life partners but
with separate bedrooms.
Partnering with your in-house marketing or social teams, we create an irresistible visual feast of well-thought out, strategically-crafted content–video, photography, design, short copy, even cat videos if it makes sense–that will connect with your audience and set your brand house on fire.

The Team

Layer 1

Ziggy Linklater


When he’s not trekking to far off exotic
locales looking for creative inspiration,
Ziggy spends much of his time dreaming
in digital and asking “Why not?!”
With an extensive background crafting
in pixels, Ziggy injects that intangible
magic into projects big and small.

Layer 2

Tara Doyle


All ships need a steady hand at the
helm, someone with an eye for the big
picture and the uncanny ability to chart
a course through unknown waters.
Tara steers Grand Uproar projects
around trendy iceberg fads and keeps
the creative energy focused.

Layer 3

KK Law


If you took a hummingbird and gave it
human form, you would be close. Part
photographer, part videographer, part
bread-maker, he is the JOAT of the
whole Grand Uproar operation.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Think of digital content like a turkey roast. You don’t just eat it for the one holiday meal right? You use the bones for soups, the leftovers for sandwiches, and eat that bird all week long. Content can and should be very much the same. No more one-off posts.

With each project, we make the content stretch; this gives you the most for your budget AND increases campaign reach.

Start with Why

While we’re masters of planning and execution, we need you to bring your vision to the table. Give us your napkin scribbles, your one-liners, and your Pinterest boards of inspiration, and we’ll dig into it and create work that speaks to your audience and works for your brand.

What does it cost?

Ah the golden question.

We wish we could give you a chart that breaks down what each video costs, every time. But, we’re not making products with the same repeatable actions. We suggest that you figure out broadly what type of video you are interested in making and a budget that you can spend on it. Then, share that information with us. From there, we can work together to produce assets that stay within that budget.